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Angel Battle opened to an International audience last October just before Halloween.  They have created a variety of creatures, especially different styles and sizes of their popular skeletons. As they approach their 1st year anniversary, they are continuing to prepare new surprises for their fans.


Q. Where did the concept for Angel Battle come from?

product.74.140931462166452.1338.5D.300.300A: The Idea came from our boss, Mr.Yoon.

One day he suddenly thought about the purity of the human.

Where does the purity of the human come from, and what is the purity of the human? He agonized a long time about those questions, and finally found his answers. Every living creature has  blood in their body and deterioration of the human condition is the same as blood contamination. So blood purity brings recovery of what is human good.

As a result, to bring a recovery of the good in the human, a Bloody war begins between the pure and impure.

Q: Is there a single artist or a team working on your doll designs?

A: We work as a team, mostly. We make a decision about doll design and concept through meetings in which every team-mate participates. At this time, we also make a decision about the doll’s form, face-up and the concept in detail.

Q: What is the concept you envisioned for the individual dolls of Angel Battle?

A: We try to make the concepts of the dolls match with Angel Battle’s story, variously and uniquely. We have a lot of ideas about this, but it’s still is a secret!

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your latest release?

product.71.140930593148028A: Our new dolls that we released are ‘Five Skulls’ who love rock’n roll. They are really cute. As you know, we have released USD (Yo-SD/22cm) size skulls already, but this time they are smaller than before and even more detailed!

Q: Will you be introducing more sizes of dolls in the future?

A: Well, we have now designed a variety of sizes of dolls, from SD to smaller than USD. Now we prepare a new size of doll that can lie in small child’s hand. It will be released soon.

Q: Will you make some of the other creatures in tiny doll versions?

A: Of course we have plans to make other creatures in tiny sizes, but we need more time to design.

Q: Will you have anything special released for Halloween?

A: Yes. We didn’t have to release something for Halloween before, but we will release something special this time. He/she will be something of a threat to you ( but It’ll be cute, not dangerous) and it will say : Trick or Treat!

Please wait until the Halloween!

Photos above(from top): Members of Skull band Dark Chocolate, Pie and Cookie.

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Angel Battle's new Skull band 'Dark Chocolate'

Angel Battle’s new 18cm tall Skull band ‘Dark Chocolate’

59cm tall Walter

59cm tall  skull warrior Walter

Luminous Christmas Skulls

1/6 Luminous Christmas Skulls

Luminous skeleton doll showing glow-in-the-dark feature

Luminous skeleton doll showing glow-in-the-dark feature

64 cm tall Invictus with small skeletons Sing & Pom

1/3  Invictus with 1/6 skeletons Sing & Pom


Other dolls (40cm tall girls, 42.5cm tall boys):

Demons Adora & Baron

Demons Adora & Baron

Zombie Becky and Karl

Zombie Becky and Karl

Alisha and Barney

Alisha and Barney

Angel Greenia

Angel Greenia