Amanda Beauty and GooHwa

Two new BJDs are now at DollShe Craft, Amanda Beauty and GooHwa. Both dolls may be ordered in a huge range of resin colors.

GooHwa is a new sculpt by 5th Motif. He comes with a “Timeless” body. Options include a pair of phone/gestural hands.

Amanda Beauty is 65cm tall. She comes with a new 26F Classic Body. The head may be ordered with smooth or wrinkled lips. Three breast sizes are available. Her teeth set is removable. Amanda will include a pair of both regular and high heel feet and a pair of solid ankle heel lower legs and feet. She also comes with a resin “lipstick” and “compact”.

The company has created a new body type called POSE. The body is not only designed to take and hold poses well, it is also designed to thwart illegal casting of the doll.

From the company:

Special package for Amanda Beauty 26F CLASSIC POSE release event

Dear members,

Please see the original sculpt of our new sculpt and tell us its possibilities. Then, we will send all of additional parts as gift to all members. The first fifty will receive benefit of special package.

Based on the experience with Grant Phillippe’s brandy glass, wine glass, and champagne glass, lipsticks and compact powders require time and detailed work. However, producing glass parts required the most effort out of all. Because the hardest task was successfully done, other production of accessories was relatively easy. However, due to difficulties at managing time and effort in production of accessories, we’re afraid to say that we cannot provide the same benefit to all our members.
The body that implements DollShe system is called POSE

26F CLASSIC POSE Amanda Beauty that applied DollShe System is now released. POSE body do not require wiring in order to have sophisticated movement and detailed pose. Various posing can be achieved such that POSE body can dance or be hugged. It will be fun to shoot photos with various moods. Since the first release of ball jointed doll, 70cm type Bermann in September of 2003, we strived to work hard to have more beautiful joint structures. The end result is release of our complete ball jointed structure DollShe System.
Anti-illegal reproduction technique has been developed

In parts to the newly released 26F CLASSIC POSE implements prevention to illegal reproduction. The originality can be easily defined just by looking at it. In order to make illegal reproduction, they would need to change all internal structures. But if internal structure is changed, the sculpt shrinks and looses its balance which makes parts not to fit into each other, eventually losing its original value.

If compared with original doll, inferior illegal reproductions have a huge gap.