Volks USA Monthly News

Volks USA will soon be opening their monthly online full Choice system today.  This month, the store will offer MSD, SD and SD13 dolls. According to their Facebook Page, the doll pre-order will run from September 1st to the 10th. The store is available to Customers in the US, Canada and Mexico only.

From Volks USA:

The Full Choice System that had previously only been available through Tenshi-no-Sumika is now available through the Online Full Choice System.
All you need to do is select parts and various options in order to a create one of a kind Dollfie for yourself.

Your order will be assembled by the artists at Zoukei-Mura in Kyoto, Japan and will be shipped to us at VOLKS USA after they are completed. We will then ship them directly to you.



MSD full choice