Mix and Match Event

FreedomTeller has made several announcements for the new month. The doll fashion company has new fashions for various sizes of dolls. FreedomTeller is also offering a special Mix and Match event.
From the company:


During this event, our customers can select each individual pieces as they want to create a suit set.
Please select desired items and colors from the drop down options.

A jacket is required but a vest and pants are optional.

Ordering Period

2014.09.01 ~ 09.20


If you order 100 USD or higher, we’ll gift you 1 pc of tie.
If you order 150 USD or higher, we’ll gift you 2 pcs of ties.
If you order 200 USD or higher, we’ll gift you 2 pcs of ties + leather diary.
If you order 250 USD or higher, we’ll gift you 2 pcs of ties + leather belt.

* If you have color/size preference for your gift item(s) please leave us a memo in the order sheet. If not specified, we’ll send them at random~
* You can select equal value of other items instead of the stated gifts above. Please leave us a memo

We have updated our online catalog with new EID, SID Homme items and SD16 Femme items.

2nd Update (EID,SID Homme & SD16 Femme)

EID, SID, 70cm Homme

The SD17,13 homme items from our 1st FW update are now available in EID, SID and 70cm homme sizes.

[ Cappuccino (Brown set, Beige set ) ] EID, SID, 70CM Boys

[Success Blue (Blue stripe, Brown stripe) ] EID, SID, 70CM Boys

[Overcoat (homespun) ] EID, SID , SD17

SD16 Femme

We’ve prepared feminine suit set ‘COCO’ and romantic mini dresses~
* We’ll have one set per item prepared in our show room~^^

[ COCO (Ivory set, Blue set) ] SD16 femme

[mini dress (Satin) ] SD16 femme

[Blooming (shirring op) ] SD16 femme

[slip dress ] SD16 femme


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