Coco Tribe News

Coco Tribe recently became aware that the company’s dolls have joined the list of recast dolls being sold.  A notice has been posted on their website.

From the company:

Please do not support RECAST Dolls!

We found that there is a Facebook account sharing url who is selling recast doll (illegal copy) which included with our dolls.

Please aware of unauthorized doll store.
We will only provide our dolls to our agents. They are listed in our web: www.cocotribe.com

Please help us to report it to Facebook if you found any recast doll agent.
You can welcome to confirm with us if you found any suspicious doll sellers.

Creation is needed to be support and protected.
Please do not support any infringement and piracy.

Thank you very much for keeping a heath environment in our doll world.
And thank you for all your love support thought out the road of creation.


coco tribe