Update: Luts

Luts Has released Blanchet and Annette, their first Model Delf girls. The resin options for the girls include white, normal, brown, light tan and tan. Body options include joint types for arms and legs, and breast size A, B, or C. A face-up in style A or B and body blushing may be optionally added to the doll. For a limited time, Annette and Blanchet are being sold at a discount.

From Luts:

* Event!

We will offer the MDF girls as 15% discounted price to celebrate the new release!

Period: from 12:00 pm 28th August to 13:00 pm 26th September

Annette and Blanchet may also be purchased with a Kid Delf body as part of the My Choice Event. Three body types are offered (normal, romantic, multi).  The dolls can be ordered with an optional face-up.

Also available are Free Choice Kid Delf girls with the new Model Body. A wide variety of head styles are available. A face-up may be optionally added. All My Choice dolls may be ordered in white, normal, brown, light tan or tan resin.


Annette (left) and Blanchet

Annette (left) and Blanchet