DollHeart Dollism + New York

Dollheart has palled special items and raffle give-aways for Dollism Plus New York.

From the company:

Hello everyone, this is DollHeart~ ^^
We have prepared some special treats for customers who’ll be attending Dollism Plus New York.

a. [Dollism Plus New York Limited] Shoes Fukubukuro

Link for further information: http://www.dollheart.com/dollism-plu…ro-p-5617.html

Only for sale at the venue.
Limited to 10 bags for each size.
Available on a first come, first served basis~

Each bag contains 3 pairs of randomly picked shoes.
Shoes styles shown in the pictures are only examples of some of the selected styles, there are more!

b. [Dollism Plus New York Limited] Special lucky draw

Special lucky draws will be held at the trade show on day 2 and day 3 in Dollism Plus New York.
Customers who make a single purchase which equals to US$100 or above will get a raffle ticket.
10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen on each day.
Prizes include outfits and shoes, 5 sets each per day.
We will hold the lucky draw in the grand ballroom at 4pm on day 2 and 3:45pm on day 3.


shoe fukubukuro

ball room