Moon Festival Fayette

Granado will be re-releasing the Fayette head in celebration of the upcoming Moon Festival in China.

From the company:

As you may know, Moon Festival is a important date in Chinese. Families will gather on this date to enjoy the moon light.
To celebrate the Moon Festival, Fayette will visit Granado during this event.

Duration: 8/28 (Thur) – 8/30 (Sat)

Fayette – Moon Fes version
Price: 160 USD
Skin Type: W / N / S / T / B
Set includes: Fayette’s Head
Request Options: Makeup service, body set

:: Ordering Period ::
From 28th to 30th August, 2014 (3 DAYS ONLY)

:: Special ::
1) We will provide seam sanding service for free.
2) September’s body sale event will be hold from 1st to 3rd Sept, 2014.
3) Kaili’s ordering period will end on 8th Sept, 2014. Don’t miss out the chance if you like her!

:: Webpage ::
Fayette – Moon Fes : http://doll-granado.com/fayette_moon
Sweetie Kaili : http://doll-granado.com/models/sweetie_kaili
Male Body Lads : http://doll-granado.com/body_lads
Female Body Maiden : http://doll-granado.com/fbody_maiden

Thank you! ♥


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