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La Pupa is a doll face-up and re-paint studio run by two friends.  Together they offer customers an opportunity to own the dolls of their dreams.


Q: What is La Pupa?

A: la Pupa is a professional art dolls’ make-up studio. We are team of 2 great doll lovers and owners – Kamarza (the Artist) and Masha (business and client service).

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Our small studio provides high-quality paintings & unique make-up for all types of dolls. We do paint (or repaint) BJDs of all sizes, porcelain art dolls, Blythes, Pullips, Tonner Dolls, Monster High Dolls, Action Figures and many others. Kamarza has experience in sculpture, so sometimes we also do modifications as special non-standard orders.

Q: Can you give me some background on your shop? When did you open?

A: Kamarza has a fine art background (since she was 6 years old) and great experience with BJD dolls (since 2007). It was me (Masha) who was encouraging a good friend of mine (Kamarza) for almost a year to open an independent painting studio. Kamarza is a true artist person; she doesn’t really like organizing and servicing orders, only the concept and art parts of the business sound desirable for her. So our cooperation seemed to be perfectly matched – Kamarza creates, and I service the business. The first official order was placed on our brand-new website in June 2012.

Q: Why have you focused on the face-up and modification specialty business?

A: La Pupa started as a studio and a shop of unique OOAK doll accessories. The plan was simple – we wanted to engage other doll artists to sell their little pieces of art on the same online platform to make it well-know and easily-reached by consumers in a short time, just in the same way as a painter of dolls’ faces does. But the make-up part of the business developed so fast, that we decided to focus on the part we feel best about and like the most.

Q: Do you do non-standard make-ups? Do you also do animal dolls? Do you offer tattooing? Do you paint bodies as well as heads?

desk1A: Once you see Kamarza’s own BJD collection on www.flickr.com/kamarza, you will know – nothing is impossible to be created by Kamarza. We offer all types of non-standard make-up, we do animals and fantasy style dolls, as well as all types of tattoos, graphics and drawings.

The standard body blushing is not offered by our studio, mainly because of the high costs of this type of service. The artist needs to spend on body blushing work at least 3-4 hours and use a lot of materials (not because of complexity, but amount of work!). Sometimes we do non-standard body blushing with tattoos and graphics. It all depends on the owner’s concept and individual talk before an order is placed.

Q: What kind of modifications have you done?

A: The simplest modifications we have been done is closing/opening eyes. The most grueling was re-sculping a doll’s face. We are not specialized on modifications, there is no official price list on this type of service. But the truth is that Kamarza loves “art challenges” and unique doll concepts. It happened before when we agreed to take a complicated creative and non-standard order only because of her art ambitions, not money or glory!

La Pupa ~ Kamarza’s and Masha’s website

La Pupa Gallery Album – Face-up and Re-paint work by Kamarza


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D.I.M Miso

Dollzone Rosemary

Dollzone Rosemary

Monster High repaint

Monster High repaint

MiniFee Marcia

MiniFee Marcia