Starry Baby Aria

Angell Studio‘s new Starry Baby has arrived. Aria represents the star sign Cancer. The Limited edition doll will be sold from Aug.19th to Nov.19th.

31cm tall Aria is sold as a full-set. She may be ordered with a choice of face-up (see below). The doll will include include eyes, the complete outfit shown, light brown wig, resin wings and a resin pet crab. The black wig is not included (it may be ordered separately). Aria may be ordered in a choice from 8 resin colors.

Like the other Starry Baby releases, Arie will be discounted during her order period. A 25% discount is being applied now.

From the company:

At first period from Aug.19th to Sep. 19th, you can get 25% discount of Aria fullset.
At second period from Sep. 20th to Oct.19th, you can get 15% discount of Aria fullset.
At third period from Oct.20th to Nov. 19th, you can get 5% discount of Aria fullset.

Non-anime face-up

Non-anime face-up

Anime face-up

Anime face-up


aria set