Angel Event

Little Monica launched their Angel Event yesterday with the sale of 10 Angel doll heads for only $10 apiece. The heads were sold out quickly. The company will release more 1/3 Angel heads at various times during the months of August and September. The boy head is designed to fit Harmony the line boy body and similar size BJD bodies. All profit from the sale of the heads will go to charity.

From the company:

The Summer Event along the release of ‘Angel’

We would like to provide more detailed, easy information about this event for you~

Q: How does the sale process?
The event will have 6 times of random sales
within the period of 7th of August ~ 30th of September.
10pcs of ‘Angel’ will be on sale for each time
and total event profit will be used for donation through UNICEF.

Q: When will the next sale be on?
As this is a random event, every sale time/date will totally be secret and random.
We will not make a schedule for each sale time and will randomly open every sales,
and some might not be on within our business time.
So please understand that we cannot answer if you ask for the next sale time/date.

Q: Can I not choose Skin Color and Face-Up adding option?
‘Angel’ will only be on sale in Normal Skin this time, and Face-Up cannot be added.
‘Angel’ in other Skin Color might be on sale again for another donation in the future.

Q: When will it be shipped?
We already prepared all the quantities for this event.
Therefore, you will be able to receive ‘Angel’ within 3~5 business days.

Q: What should be considered when placing an order?
‘Angel’ cannot be ordered for Non-Members, so please make your order after signing in and login,
And 1 Member can only order 1pc for once, with the payment within 24hours.
Also, we cannot get you a refund or exchange by the simple change in mind.
Overlapping orders and orders without payments within 24hours will automatically be canceled.
This is for minimizing the bad incidents in this events to be well-going for our fans
so we would need to ask you for your kind understandings.

Q: Is it really $10 ?
Yes, it is! As this product is for charity, we have decided to provide in $10

If there’s any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

angel event