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The Doll Peddlar has 1/6 dolls Paprika, Grape, Strawberry and Carrot by Be With You in stock for quick shipping. Currently the dolls are unavailable on the company website. The 26.5 tall Baby line BJDs may be found on the retailer’s website HERE.  The Be With You dolls have a movable eye system, a strip of velcro for affixing wigs and the “smooth moving joint system” (with special silicone inserts built into the body for holding poses).

Carrot, Strawberry, Grape and Paprika are cast in normal skin resin.  They will each include a face-up, glossed finger and toe nails, random underwear, 3 hand sets, acrylic eyes and a faux fur dolly bag.







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  • Erica Aug 9, 2014, 11:22 am

    I recently purchased a Paprika, these little girls pose magnificently! I was a little alarmed at the pricing difference between the original company and Doll Peddlar though! I did find them on nine9style a little closer to the original pricing…

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