Last Chance for Innocent Sophia

Little Monica has opened a pre-order for 1/3 size Innocent Sophia.  The doll is being offered this last time before the sculpt is retired.

From the company:

There has been a few chances for ordering ‘Innocent Sophia’ in Korea
but we could not be able to attend many conventions and events in other countries
for taking orders of ‘Innocent Sophia,’ so we have decided to take orders for about 5 days
for fans from overseas only.

Sale Time: 2014 July 30th 15:00 ~ August 4th 15:00(Korean Time)

After this sale, ‘Innocent Sophia Head’s’ sale will permanently be stopped
and we ask for your kind understandings for that people living in Korea
cannot be able to place orders through our Overseas Website.

The Harmony line BJD is available as a full doll or as a head only. Innocent Sophia comes in a choice of normal or white skin resin. The full doll can be ordered with a girl body with optional upper thigh joints, or a boy body.  The girl body also comes with a choice of small or large breasts, flat or heel feet and optional solid lower legs and heel feet. The boy body comes with a choice of hands.

A face-up may be optionally ordered for Innocent Sophia in the default or a special request style. Body blushing is also available.


innocent sophia

innocent sophia face