Mint on Card News

The owners of Mint on Card, Lindsey and Jim, recently returned from Hong Kong where Lindsey debuted a new doll company, Aimarai. Aimerai is a creation of Lindsey and a partner in Hong Kong.

From Mint on Card:

The first wave of dolls, (three 1/3 dolls & two 1/6 dolls), are now available for pre-order. The second wave of dolls will be available in the next few months, (1/4 & 1/3), and eventually bodies, heads, & clothes will be sold separately. Please view the Aimerai listings on our website, and if you like what you see please follow the brand on Facebook!

Still trying to catch-up from our China trip, thank you for your patience everyone! The following brands now have Summer Events listed on our website:
Doll Love
Doll Leaves


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