Nympheas Contest

Nympheas Dolls has announced a contest. The winner will receive a Nymph of their choice.

From the company:

Nympheas dolls celebrates 2 years, thanks to you! thank you for your support!
I decided to save one of my creations.
The winner of this year will have the right to choose his favorite nymph among the following categories:
Childs, Friends & Chibis
the shipping costs will be in my care and make-up can be added for free.
To play it is very simple, just share one or more images taken for the contest and indicate the url for sharing on this form: http://www.nympheasdolls.com/anniversary2014/


-If you share other images than those created for this purpose, your participation will not be taken into account.
– You can share or pictures on facebook, flickr, instagram, tumblr, ipernity or on your blog.
– It is not necessary to send me an email or private message, the form takes care of everything and you will receive a confirmation soon it will be validated if this is not the case you can email me at this address: k6@nympheasdolls.com
– 1 url = 1 chance to win. To determine the winner I would draw lots 5 participations, participation will have the most shared / images will be the winner, if there’s participants EXECO a draw will be conducted again between them. (with dedicated software)

The contest is open until 16th August 2014 your keyboard: D!