LE Shoohoos

Doll artist “bbflockling” will be selling her first BJDs on July 26th.  The 14cm tall dolls are called Shoohoos, and the first dolls released are named Lilu and Beep-beep.The company’s website can be seen HERE.

Lilu is being cast in rose petal pink resin, and Beep-beep will be cast in pale pink skin. Both dolls are being released as basic dolls, as basic dolls with a face-up and as a complete full-set. The basic doll will be sold blank with with a pair of glass eyes and a carrying case. The faced-up version additionally includes a random color body suit along with eyes and case.  Full-set version Beep-beep will come with a face-up, eyes, carrying case, body suit, fuzzy Hat, red bow-tie, knitted knickers, and an insect bauble necklace.Full-set  Lilu will come with a face-up, eyes, carrying case, fuzzy hat, sweater dress, suspender stockings, and a flower necklace. ShooHoo wigs (shown in photos below) are being sold separately.



Beep-beep full-set


Lilu full-set

Lilu with face-up & bodysuit

Lilu with face-up & bodysuit

Beepbeep with face-up & bodysuit

Beep-beep with face-up & bodysuit

Shoohoo pouch

Shoohoo pouch