Loongsoul 80cm Line

LoongSoul has introduced a new 80cm doll line.  The first doll to be released is named MoBai.  The limited edition BJD is available in normal yellow, normal pink or white skin resin (It is not known for certain the doll is being sold in tan). Options include a face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig and outfit. Loongsoul dolls are sold internationally through HorusDoll and Mint on Card and on Ebay by Jeeryama.

From the company:

Loongsoul Doll new line: 80cm doll line
Loongsoul 80cm Line doll/body/clothes will release in several periods.
1st release period: 2014/07/05~2014/08/05
Purchase Mobai doll, get MoBai’s clothes as 20% off
Purchase 80cm body, get MoBai’s clothes as 12% off

Please enjoy it