DDE Exclusive Lily

Denver Doll Emporium is now offering a store exclusive version of Creamsoda BJD‘s doll Lily. The doll will come with a face up by doll artist Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun, random eyes, daisy dress, socks, black shoes, mohair wig, body blushing and molded panty painting (pink/white with attached lace). Customers may choose a brunette, carrot or blond wig for their doll. Basic dolls from the company will be offered soon.

From the retailer:

We are thrilled to announce that CreamSoda BJD has give us an exclusive of her
very popular YoSD size Lily. Our DDE Lily will be limited to 12 only. She is
available in 2 skin tones and 3 hair colors. Lily is precious and quirky!
You’ve got to see her adorable molded panties. We are taking preorders in
anticipation of her September delivery. See her here: CreamSoda Lily



Wig options

Wig options