Soul Doll Event

New dolls are now up for pre-order at Souldoll.  The company is offering free shipping and a free gift outfit to customers with qualifying orders. The BJDs posted include 64cm tall Zenith line Lenore and 26cm tall Sweet line Molat Mouse, Isla Wild Cat, Molat Raccoon, and Isla Rabbit. All of the dolls may be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  The eyes shown in the photos are included with a basic doll. None of the dolls are limited editions.

Soul Zenith Lenore comes with a choice of general, double jointed or new version double jointed body. Options include a face-up, additional hand sets, heel feet, wig, outfit and shoes.

The Soul Sweet BJDs come with a choice of a girl or boy body. Options include a face-up, extra hand set, animal set (white unpainted resin), outfit and wig.

From the company:

souldoll event


isla wild cat

molat raccoon

isla rabbit