Update: Shell Pink Laryssa Faun

Jpop Dolls is slightly extending the pre-order for Shell Pink Laryssa Faun.

From the company:

A new version of Laryssa Faun is now available for pre-order at Jpop Dolls, Shell Pink Laryssa Faun.

From the company:

Laryssa faun in a new color, Shell Pink, by Kaye Wiggs is now up for preorder on JpopDolls™.net through July 20th!

Due to popular request, we have extended her preorder through the weekend.

Please visit Laryssa’s on JpopDolls™ for preorder information, photos and ordering information.

Laryssa comes with a face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes. Body options include 45cm body with human legs or hooves, 53cm with a Nelly body, or 55cm with a Nelly body with hooves. Dolls with hooves can be ordered with optional hoof blushing.


laryssa pink

laryssa human

faun body