Freedomteller News

FreedomTeller has introduced two new suits for SSDF and 70cm boys. Boyish (Gingham Check) and Monochrome Chic (Black Set) are wool suits. Monochrome comes with a jacket, vest, trousers and a handkerchief. Boyish comes with a jacket, vest, ahorts and a handkerchief. Also available are separate items; a formal white shirt and a polo shirt.

Freedom Teller invites international customers to visit their showroom.

From the company:

Thank you for all your interest in Freedom Teller’s Show Room.
We will continue to strive to provide better service and advantages for overseas visitors to our show room.

To celebrate the vacation season, we have prepared a small event for our foreign customers.
If you plan to visit our show room in July ~ August, please contact us via QnA board or email
and we’ll be able to assist you accordingly~

1. Issued “Point Coupons” can be used in 6 months timeframe.

Ever $20 spend in our show room, we’ll stamp your coupon card.
Once you collect 10 stamps, we’ll reward you with $10 store credit.
Also, if you complete a coupon, simply put it in our coupon box.
At the end of the year, we’ll select lucky winners for various prizes.
This will also apply to our foreign customers and if you’re selected, we’ll ship your prize to you for free.
(* Please note the stamps won’t be issued for limited outfits.)

2. Pick-up Service (Only for July and August)

If you contact us prior to visiting, we’ll come to pick you up from our nearest subway station
– Hongdae Univ, Hapjeong (Subway line- 2.) and Mangwon (Subwayline-6.)

(* This service won’t be available for any holidays and closed days. Please contact us prior to visiting so we can discuss the schedule together.)

3. “Traditional Tea & Snack” Experience Service

If you visit our show room, we’ll have some Korean traditional tea and snack for you to experience.
Again with this service, please contact us with the date of visit and the number of people visiting
prior to coming so we can prepare them for you~