Classy Doll Female Body

April Story has introduced the new Classy Doll female body. The 61cm BJD body may be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Breast sizes available include small (A), medium (B) or large (C). As a gift, an extra pair of hands come with the body. Heel feet may be optionally ordered.

From the company:

“Classy Doll”

Girl bodies are released!!!!

11am on 7/9/14 ~ 11pm on 8/16/14.

Pre Order Special Benefits include discounted price and FREE additional hands parts!

All orders will be shipped out orderly and accordingly in payment received.

Manufacturing of item will take about 15~40 business days.

Meet various kinds of Classy Doll body sculptures on our website!

April Story is selling the itmes for Classy Doll upon their behalf.

For more details, please visit our websites.

Classy  Doll female body shown woth gift hands

Classy Doll female body shown with gift hands, heel feet shown above

classy girl back