Bo Bergemann BJD News

Bergemann Dolls will attend the UDFC Convention (United Federation of Doll Clubs) in San Antonio, Texas. For those not registered for the show, there is a Public Day on July 19th from noon to 7:00 PM. Entrance is $20 per person.

For those purchasing Lavender and Lace elf dolls, the artist’s website is now offering a variety of costumes that may be added to their order. A hooded gown in a choice of colors and fairy sets by Charie Wilson with boots and wings included may be purchased along with with optional mohair wigs. All of the costume options may be seen HERE.

This Summer, new 10cm tall micro dolls will be introduced. The dolls will be shown at conventions and will soon be available to pre-order. They are named Pip and Squeak. Previewing in a September Magazine ad is new Red (the ad may be seen below).


Squeak (left & Pip

red riding hood