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An interview with the artist by BJDcollectasy, with translation from Russian by Jpop Dolls. Villitunes has been creating her own dolls for several years.  She has her first resin dolls available through Jpop.

From Grace of Jpop:

Please welcome Vialeta Kameneva, a young artist from Russia, to our doll family at Jpopdolls.net. I first found Vialeta’s work through Facebook. I loved the chubby cherub style bodies but more importantly the cutest little faces I had ever seen with tiny pouty lips, chubby cherub cheeks and tummies!!
I fell in love with them. I contacted Vialeta and bought 3 of her dolls. Knowing they were tinies, I was surprised at how full they are and substantial. They feel so good to hold in your hand. A scoop full of love!


villitunes drawing 1Q: When and how did you become interested in making BJDs?

A: I started making dolls 3 years ago. One day I was browsing the internet and saw a BJD doll, don’t remember what company it was from, only that it was a girl with black hair. I showed it to my mom, she looked at her and calmly said if I wanted a doll, I should make it myself. That was the beginning of my doll passion.

Q:What were your first dolls?

A: My first doll was little bear, somewhat strange, about 9-10cm tall, white with blue eyes. It was made from baked clay.

Q: How tall was your first doll in plastic? Did you cast all of your dolls yourself? Did you cast any in resin?

A: My first doll made in plastic was 13cm tall Matilda, with a big head and big eyes. Now I cast plastic dolls for everybody who needs it. Unfortunately I never had dolls cast in resin, and now I have a chance to have it done, thanks to Jpop.

Q: What clay do you use to sculpt your dolls?

A: First I used baked clay, then regular clay, now I use Ladoll.

Q: What are your inspirations?

A: Anime, cartoons, children books and fairy tales.

Q: what sizes are your dolls?

A: The smallest doll was 5cm, then 7, 8, 10, 13, 16 then 20 – mint bunny including ears.

villitunes drawing4Q: Have you only sold your dolls on your site 1 at a time or a few at a time?

A: Art dolls are sold or given as presents, OOAK, all others were sold during a pre-order.

Q: Will the dolls at Jpop be the first ones to ever be cast by a company?

A: Yes, they will be the first ones.

Q: What are the dolls Jpop will offer? How tall?

A: It will be dolls 13cm Sokhi and Marie. Also there will be 9cm elf Vincent.

Q: What new dolls are you working on now?

A: Right now I am working on a 25cm doll, it’s a girl elf with elf ears. I am also working on a chubby baby animal about 10cm tall.

Q: Do you have any plans to make even larger dolls?

A: Yes, I am planning to make 30 and 40cm dolls.

Photos above: Art by Villitunes

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Jpop Dolls official representative of resin BJDs by Villitunes

The Villitunes Photo Gallery with her plastic dolls, drawings and prototypes may be seen HERE.



13cm Sohki


13cm Marie



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Click to see Villitunes' photo gallery

Click to see Villitunes’ photo gallery