Dotories BeBe Buu Line

MuDoll now has a new line of Dotories dolls called the BeBe Buu line.  The first dolls released are named Cookie and Cream. The BJDs are 19cm tall and are cast in normal skin resin.  Cookie and Cream will come with a pair of Meister Glass eyes, a random Glib wig and a storage pouch.  Both may be ordered blank or with an optional face-up. An additional pouch will also be included with BeBe purchases this month.

From the company:

We present one more BeBe Pouch for the customers who make every Dotories BeBe order.

The free gift is presented by 31th July.

Please feel free contacting us if you need more information and assistance.


Cream (left) & Cookie

Cream (left) & Cookie

buu cookie cream