Dollheart for July

Angels Cave has announced that the Dollheart items for July are now posted on their website. This month, girl’s school uniforms in SD, SD13, DDM, MSD and MMD and boy’s and girl’s separate items in various sizes are available. Fukubukuro bags also return.

From the retailer:

We ship world wide from the UK. No customs fees!


Dollheart Preorder now up!

DollHeart July’s pre order is now live in the shop!

This month brings two pre orders! First we have:
School Uniform

We are taking orders until: 28th July, 2014 with shipping approx: End of August, 2014

And the second pre order brings:
Special Fukubukuro event

In celebration of the first Dollism Plus New York, Dollheart have launched a special pre-order of Fukubukuros.

Pre-order deadline: 25th September, 2014

Each Fukuburo contains a unique assortment of DollHeart products ranging from wigs, clothes, shoes and accessories; you never know what you will get and that is what makes it exciting!

We hope you like this months offerings!

Pre order page from HERE

For ordering in stock DollHeart items, please email us at:


Dark School Love for SD/SD13, DDM

Dark School Love for SD/SD13, DDM

School Love for MSD, MDD

School Love for MSD, MDD

MSD swallowtailj vest

MSD swallowtailj vest

SMD skirt

MSD skirt

Fukubukuro bag

Fukubukuro bag

dollheart shoes