Sleeping Seed and Rot

Aileen Doll has posted new Sleeping Seed and Sleeping Rot version 2 baby dragons on their website. Also pictured is a new version of regular Seed.  Along with the dragon pets, Aileen has added a gift figurine named The Greenery.  The baby Dragons will be released on July 11th.  A limited number of The Greenery figurines will be available as a free gift to customers. The gift will come unpainted.

From the company:

Seed EVENT !!

Event period : July 11th ~ August 11th
The first forty people to order (only Seed and Sleeping Seed ) will receive The Greenery.

* All of customers will be entire automatically in the event period.

* This goods is not including make up.


seed rot greenery

The Greenery (from left) with Sleeping Seed and Rot

sleep rot seed

New version Seed with Sleeping Rot