Miro Doll for July

Miro Doll has announced their sale for July. In addition to a discount on dolls, the company will run special offers on select BJDs during the month. New items for dolls will also be added to their site this month.


From the company:

In July we offer 35% discount on the dolls, doll bodies and doll heads.

We offer 25% discount on all the doll shoes. The glass eyes are 40% price off.

In July, we will promote certain dolls as Specials. The price will be even promotional.

For group orders over $888, we offer free shipping. For some countries that can only ship by EMS, we offer 50% price off on shipping cost, like Russia and Ukraine.

In July, we will add some doll accessories to the website, like necklace, glasses, hairpins, hair hoops. We will also add some doll clothes to the website. We found it is difficult to find suitable clothes for the 60cm boys and 68cm boys, as the two bodies are too stout to wear ordinary clothes. Some customers even need to sand their dolls to have on clothes. We have sent a 68cm doll to a seamstress to make samples.

Customers are welcome to order just the shoes, eyes and the other small items and require airmail shipping. We can use airmail to ship the small parcels. It is 15 days to 23 days for the parcel to be delivered by airmail. Airmail is much cheaper than DHL or EMS. Airmail shipping fee option is not listed on the website. Customers need to require airmail and make orders by email.

Stepping into July, it becomes very hot in some areas around the world. We hope every one have a cool and pleasant summer.