Luts News

Luts as now released basic Tiny Delf dolls Mytyl & Tyltyl. The 16cm tall BJDs are being offered as basic dolls with a random color pair of glass eyes included. TylTyl and Mytyl may be ordered in white, normal, light brown, light tan and tan skin resin. Options include a face-up and body blushing.

At the request of customers, Luts has decided to extend the pre-order period for Kid Delf Bory Zeus.

From the company:

We would like to inform you that we will extend the sales period of Kid Delf BORY ZEUS – THE BREATH OF GOD Limited.

On the request of many clients who can¡¯t afford all of lots of limited dolls during summer event, we will extend the period as below.

Extend period : ~ 13:00 PM 11th July, 2014


mytyl tyltyl

Mytyl (left) & Tyltyl