MigiDoll July Schedule

Migidoll has released their plans for the month of July.

From the company:

1. July sales products and dates.

River, Hyeon, Ryeong, Ryu, Cho, Ryo, Jean of M-style , Bean of C-love will be our sale item in July.

Sale : From July 21st to 28th.


2. Launching “River” Limited edition.

Migidoll will sell “River” head which was sold in the KBJD Show in April as the limited item in July.

There have been many customers who ask for A type skin.

We would accept order of River for both A type skin and new normal skin for a week this time.

It will be the first and the last sale in the Migidoll site. Do not miss it!


3. New C-Love type doll, “Bean” launching!!

C-Love type Bean celebrates launching 20% discount.

New USD doll, “BEAN” will be launched as the standard line.

They are cute twin girl and boy. It is possible to select from girl and boy make-up.

20% discount to celebrate the launch will be going to sell.

Thank you for your love to the lovely angel.

Notice: The outfit in the photo is not available.


4. Hyeon make-up change.

New default make-up of Hyeon has been updated.

Please be aware when you place an order of the make-up.