Leeke World Summer Event

Leeke World has launched their annual Summer Event. The products released for the event can be seen HERE.

40cm tall A Type Rosemary comes with a choice of an Art Body or Art Volume Body. She is available as a basic doll in normal or snow skin resin. Rosemary will come blank or with an optional face-up and body blushing. The outfits shown on Rosemary are sold separately. 29.5cm tall B-line Elf Daisy also comes in a choice of basic or snow white skin resin. Elf Daisy will come blank  with a pair of resin wings, resin leaf antennae and a resin walking stick/wand. Options for the doll include a face-up, body blushing, resin parts blushing, wig, outfit and a pair of eyes.

Other new items include limited edition wigs in new summer colors, new glass and acrylic eyes and new shoes. The summer event ends August 5th.



Rosemary with regular (left) or volume art body


Elf Daisy