Kum Do Girl and Boy

Sadol has released the latest addition to their After School series of outfits. Kum do is available for various 60-70cm girl and boy dolls. There are two parts to each set, the clothing with resin “wooden” sword, and the Bogu set with Men, Do, Tare, Kote parts, hair towel, Shinai, Shinai bag, Bogu bag and name plate. The outfit set comes in white or navy, the Bogu set comes in navy or red. Boy sizes available include 60-62cm, 65cm, Crobi M line and 70cm. Girl sizes include 60-62cm and 63cm. Customers have the option to pay for the outfits in 2 installments. Due to the resin parts in the sets, they are being offered at this time in a pre-order period that ends July 20th.


kum do boy kum do kum do girl