Anna and Cathy

Angel Fantasy (Chinese site) has two new43cm tall girl dolls, Anna and Cathy. The BJDs come in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Cathy and Anna are sold blank with optional face-up service available. (Dolls with face-ups will also come with a random color pair of eyes.) Authorized Angel Fantasy retailer Mint on Carda lso states that the body has been updated, and the company is also offering a variety of wing sets.

From Mint on Card:

Angel Fantasy has released two new 1/4 dolls, Anna & Cathy, along with a modified version of the 2nd Gen 1/4 Girl Body and…..Fairy Wings! There are 7 different versions of wings to choose from. AF has also announced a Summer Event, 12% off all Dolls + a Free Head! The Fairy Wings have a 10% discount for the event.









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