Show Migidolls!

Migidoll is taking applications for a project called  “Show Migidolls!”.

From the company:

In the “Show Migidolls!!” we quarterly choose people who have a confident to be good at coordinating her or his doll, and dolls will be sent to them.
Those who receive the dolls, are to update photos of it as much as possible and update in the Migidoll gallery within a month.
Of course it is good to update the doll photos in other communities or personal blogs except for the Migidoll site.
The more active, the more possibility you will have to get the next present doll.

This system will be run in every 3 months, like in April, July, October and next January.

The Migidoll C Series will line up pretty character-like dolls.
The second present doll will be from the Lovely Baby series. Hoping many people enjoy various styles of the pretty dolls.
The contents is full set and the same as the doll in the photo. Skin is Normal.
Those who are interested in the entry are to fill the entry form and send by e-mail.

Entry form

Name :
Home address :
Phone number :
Personal Facebook or blog :
Community where you are active :
Dolls owned, listed by size :
Reason for your entry :
Message to Migidoll :

The present dolls will be chosen at random and be updated two weeks before the entry starts.
Those who receive the present dolls are to update the doll photos within a month. In the case of no action, the name will be in our black list.
Once you enter the black list, you would not join any Migidoll event in the future.
Looking forwards to many entries!