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A small quantity of extra 1/4 size Maurice dolls by Kaye Wiggs will be sold on June 25th at Jpop Dolls.  They will come with face-ups and glass eyes. Two face-up styles will be available to choose from.

From Jpop:

JpopDolls ™ will have extra freckled and non freckled Maurice by Kaye Wiggs at 6PM PDT, Wednesday June 25th, 2014.

We have very limited quantities of extras, it is first come, first serve. If you have already preorder the doll, please give others a chance at the extras.

Extras are 1 PER CUSTOMER of each type

Maurice can be found under his respective category at the specified time.

If you need assistance figuring out your own time, please use this website..

Time and Date Converter



freckled face-up

freckled face-up

No freckles

No freckles