Lillycat Loonette

Lillycat – Cerisedolls will open a 2-day pre-order for 1/4 size Loonette soon. Three different heads will be available.

From the company:

Loonette is coming back on www.lillycat.net in a brand new edition !
New color “Grey purple” is available for the first time, and Loonette comes back with two new faces.
The Loolou, Dreaming Loo and original Loonette head.
You will be able to choose your favorite face, or order several heads if you want too.
They will be available from June the 25th to the 27th.

*Dolls are available blank in the default set, but there is a faceup option available.
*Each doll will come as gift with a beautiful cerisedolls carriage bag !

*2, 3 and 4 times layaway are available over 200€ of purchase.
You will find all the information
on the check out page and our Faq page