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Ringdoll will be attending the National Doll & Toy Festival. in Texas in July.

From the company:

Ringdoll USA Special Event:
National Doll&Toy Festival
07/14-18, 2014
Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel, San Antonio TX
Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk111 E Pecan St,
San Antonio TX 78205 )
Chef Designer Huang Shan, will be participating.

This July, RingDoll’s Chef Designer Huang Shan will proudly bring some of our best designed dolls to US collectors in Historic San Antonio, TX.
Don’t miss the special opportunity to see the dreamed dolls in real, and meet our great designers.

1. Ringdoll has specially prepared a few very rare limited dolls which were long time discontinued. Those dolls will be available for purchase on the con only for attendants.

2. Ringdoll will take order directly on the show, and for the show special sales, all the purchase will be FREE SHIPPING and with special prepared gifts.

3. Ringdoll will provide BJD accessories, costumes, wigs and etc for sell in the show. One stop ”everything for BJD” shopping with professional usage direction, you won’t want to miss!!

The RingDolls on the show:

Jack the Ripper (Discontinued Limited Edition for con purchase only)
Eva the Bride (Discontinued Limited Edition for con purchase only)
Lucifer·Arios (New Released Special Edition)
Misha and Diyue
Julia and Andrew
Crysatal and Amethyst
Mona and Melody
Daniel and Pan

We are working with the show, try to host a workshop or meet up during our stay, so our designers could share more design philosophy of the dolls with the people.
Once we get the date and detail, we will update on Facebook.
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