Tan Ivy and Grey Slimey

Sarah Seiter of The Mushroom Peddler has opened a pre-order for limited edition Tan Ivy the Impling and grey Slimey the Snail. The pre-order will be open until July 3rd.

32cm tall Basic Ivy comes with a face-up and glass eyes. A full-set version additionally comes with an outfit, wig sculpture, wings, and accessories. Each full set will be hand made in different colors and petal/leaf types. 2 inches (5cm) tall Slimey the Snail comes with a blue body and grey shell. He has glass bead eyes. If both Ivy and Slimey are ordered together, Slimey will be offered at a discount (see his order page for details).

From the artist:

The Mushroom Peddler has opened preorders for two new dolls!
Ivy the Impling (tan resin) and Slimey the Snail (pale blue & grey resin).
Both are limited editions of 30.
Please go to The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop for details and more photos!


Tan version Impling Ivy by Sarah Seiter