Nico and Andy

At the time of this post, only a short time is left to order Nico the Detective  at Granado. The company is holding a 1 day sale of  the doll heads Nico and Andy. Andy can be optionally ordered with the company’s new boy body.

From the company:

Our Facebook fanpage has reached 1050 Likes!
To celebration this special day, we will hold an event from 19th to 20th June. Detective Nico and Andy will be visiting Granado during this event.

Duration: 6/19 (Thur) – 6/20 (Fri)
6/19 – Date with Detective Nico
6/20 – Date with Andy

The ordering period for each doll is 1-day only.
Also, you can order Andy with Lads body on 6/20. Thank you!

Detective Nico – http://doll-granado.com/nico_detective
Andy – http://doll-granado.com/andy

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