Marbled Halls News

Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls has released a newsletter with her schedule for the summer and into the fall. Sprocket Pets will be released for regular pre-order in July and August. Olga will arrive in late August.

From the artist:

I did a small release of the Sprocket pets on facebook a couple weeks ago. I will have two more preorders. One in July and one in late August.I will post the info with BJDCollectasy and also mention on FB. If you want to join my Facebook, go to my webpage www.marbledhalls.com, I have a direct link there.

Several have asked about Frump…She is HERE!!!! I am going on holiday today…my daughter will be painting while we are there. Once we return in two weeks we will start posting those paid in full.
If you ordered a blank, or a head only and paid in full…those will start posting shortly before my return..when my husband is at the house to ship and pack.
There are about 15 dolls available. We will be taking some of those to the UFDC show.

My doll OLGA, 18 ” Slender SD, will be pre-ordering in late August. I had two at the IDS show this past week and will have 3 at the AUSTIN BJDCON,along with some of the Sprockets,Sprocket pets and my usual assortment of Dollstown and clothing.

I hope to have an online VIRTUAL show for Sprocket clothes and shoes but am not sure of the date, waiting for the shoes to be finished.

I am working on two sculpts for my shops but they will be late in the year.
Also have several sculpts in the works for the end of the year, one is a collaboration with my brother who is an artist, Erik Wilson… a bit more mature sculpt with some surprises , hoping to have this underway by the new year.

I will be attending MDCC in Orlando with a special sculpt, a 45cm child doll in honor of dear friend Annette Goodreau. Her passing has left a hole in heart of many. The event is called, The Magic of Sisters..I will read a poem(story?) I am working on about all sisters and dedicate it to the Goodreau family.

I will also be at LDOLL in LYON FRANCE in October. Then back, hope to finish some sculpting before years end.

I am leaving today and will be gone two weeks. If you need me I may have internet, but usually intermittent at the beach. This is a family holiday the first week and a working holiday the second week. The beach inspires and renews me and has become a yearly ritual. I am so happy to be going!!!!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!


Olga with Sprockets pet Cog by Connie Lowe

Olga with Sprockets pet Cog by Connie Lowe