Lati Basic Doll Pre-order

Latidoll has opened pre-orders for basic dolls from the Yellow, Special Yellow and White lines.  New sculpts will be available as basic dolls for the first time.  The dolls may be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Optional face-up, wig and outfit may be purchased.

From the company:

Duration : 18th June ~ 9th July
Hello, dear friends, this is Lati.

Our NEW friends ”Jia” from Yellow line and “T.Haru” from White line are awaiting to meet you guys ?

What is more, Miel, Kuku, Haru will introduce new make-up as girls line!!!
You’ve seen them wearing boys’ make-up so far, so this time you’ll find unexpected charm XD

Please be aware only White, Yellow, Yellow sp dolls are available to order for this period.

Hope you guys love our Lati Basic dolls with new friends as much as the same.


White line T. Haru

White line T. Haru


Yellow Line Jia