Ringdoll New Website Event

Ringdoll has launched an event to celebrate their new website.

From the company:

Ringdoll’s new official website finally comes after intense production, modification and testing over and over again.Here we say goodbye to the old one had accompanied all of us for years,which carries all memories we have been through and by which we made plenty of Ringdoll lovers’acquaintance.

New website has listed separately our original infamous series which is one of two new categories now:the Classic and the Infamous.The Classic series consists of traditional classic dolls while the Infamous series focus on alternative, dark design style.

The new one supports customer registration, direct online ordering and other functions. Please read the FAQ which can help you easily order and purchase at Ringdoll.

There are some new sections on the new website and hope you like them.
Here is the brief introduction:

1.Ringdoll Story/Video
A lot of friends like our stories and design philosophy,so we have collected all stories ,videos which have been published in this section to share with those who interested.

We will keep updating Ringdoll latest stories and design philosophy in this section for download as well as some downloadable wallpapers.

You can find information about maintenance and dressing here which may do help for you to care for your dolls and accessories or dress up your dolls.

4.Fan Art
In this section,we will continue to publish excellent fan art works from Ringdoll lovers in the future.If you want to share yours with others here,please send your pictures to sybll@ringdoll.hk, What you send should be more than three pictures,550 pix,marked with your name / nickname,nationality and your own web page,from which we will select the best ones to share with fans around the world.

Thank you for your constant support and sincerely hope that Ringdoll new website can provide you with more help and convenience for your purchase as well as more pleasure in sharing.


To celebrate the coming of new website,there is an event at Ringdoll.
Event period:June 15th–July 10th
Event details:
1.Purchase Ring Teenager basic doll/fullset,you can get a blank head of Ring Teenager(whose price is USD 119)as gift.
2.Purchase Ring Grown basic doll/fullset,you can get a blank head of Ring Grown(whose price is USD 119)as gift.
3.Purchase over USD859,you can get a basic doll of Ring Sweet(whose price is USD 199) as gift.
Remarks:1.The gifted blank head can neither be limited edition dolls nor sold-out dolls.The price difference has to be made up if the price of what you choose is more than USD 119.
2.Event participation:If you order straightly on Ringdoll official website,please note down your order number when finish the payment and e-mail to sales@ringdoll.com,as well as the gift you want.
You can also purchase by e-mails: sales@ringdoll.com3.About event details,
3 can be available simultaneously with 1 and 2.
4.About event details,only 1 and 2 are available for Ringdoll dealers.
Official website:www.ringdoll.comcontact:
email: sales@ringdoll.com