Hillda (3rd Hero) and Onulharu

Souldoll has a new limited edition doll available from The Epic series. Hillda (3rd hero) can bee ordered until July 14 (Korean time). 64cm tall Hillda is being sold as a blank basic doll in normal or white skin resin. She will include the eyes shown.  Options for basic  Hillda include a choice of body style and a choice of hands. Optional additions for the doll include a face-up, wig, outfit, shoes, resin crown and spear, and painting of the crown and spear.

Soul Zenith Onulharu is being sold as a blank basic doll.  He is not limited.  The 65.5cm tall boy is sold blank in a choice of normal or white skin resin. An optional default or special request face-up may be ordered for the doll.