Luts New Releases

Luts has now released The new limited edition Zuzu Delf dolls Alice Rabi and Mad Hatter Lio. Both dolls are cast in white resin.  They come with a face-up, outfit, eyes and wig. Customers may choose between regular 19cm bodies and longer leg bodies that add 6mm more height. Optional shoes may be purchased with the dolls. Lio and Rabi are available for pre-order until 1:00 PM July 11th (Korean Time).

Also released are 62.5 cm Senior Delf Yvan and 60cm Chloe. Both are being sold as unlimited basic dolls in a choice of white, normal, brown, light tan or tan skin resin. Customers may choose the body type preferred for their doll. Basic dolls include a pair of glass eyes. Optional additions include a face-up and steampunk outfit shown.


rabbi alice lio mad hatter

yvan chloe