Majestic Line Launching

Pipos is preparing to release their first 70cm dolls. Majestic line Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. The dolls will be available on June 12th.  Listed on the website are Dr.Jekyll–noon Crow, Dr.Jekyll–Midnight Crow, Raven (normal skin) and Mr.Hyde-midnight blue Raven. Midnight Raven is listed as a limited edition of only 20 dolls.

From the company:

Hello This is piposdoll.

I’m very happy to introduce PIPOS New Type   Majestic

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

[ Products list ]

l Dr. Jekyll – midnight CROW (70cm Man)
l Dr. Jekyll – noon CROW (70cm Man)
l Mr. Hyde – midnight blue RAVEN (70cm Cat)

l Head Parts (70cm Man) & Head Parts (70cm Cat)
l A Body Parts & B(muscle) Body Parts
l Beast Hands Parts
l Wigs , Shoes, Outfit

Selling starts : June 12th 2014(KST)