Dolliverse News

Dolliverse a  ball jointed doll convention in Nijmegen, The Netherlands will be held Sunday June 29th. The guest of Honor, Magic Mirror Studio, will bring a Dolliverse Exclusive: Siobhan, Harbinger of Summer. The doll, one of only 2 that were cast in bronze skin resin, will include a full face-up and body blushing with airbrush, a customized mohair wig, Pabol realistic sapphire eyes and blonde eyelashes.

Pretty in Plastic will be attending the event, and will bring dolls and doll heads by new company MaskCatDoll to the event.

Additional events have been announced including a new doll auction.

From Dolliverse:

NEW! The Dolliverse AUCTION:

Every attendee of Dolliverse can bid in the auction for a One Of A Kind Fullset doll.
This exciting new addition to the convention will offer the unique opportunity to purchase beautiful creations by very talented artists.

First OOAK Fullset: Frilly Maid by CLOCKWORK ANGEL

We also have a great set of doll prizes to be won for the Raffle:

Crea Challenge:

Exhibitor raffle:

and the Me & My Doll Lookalike competition:



Nerine by MaskCatDoll

Nerine by MaskCatDoll