Kid Delf Bory Zeus Release

Kid Delf Bory Zeus – The Breath of God may now be ordered at Luts. The 1/4 size limited edition boy is being offered as a basic doll with options or as a full-package doll. Bory may be ordered in normal, white or brown skin resin.

Basic Bory Zeus comes with eyes and a choice from three different heads; regular, dreaming and romance. An additional head or all three heads may also be purchased.  The doll is sold with bird talon legs and feet. Additional options include human legs and feet, face-up(s), body blushing, wig, outfit, shoes, and special resin hands and lightening bolt (blue or gold) with hands either blank or blushed.

Full Package Bory Zeus comes with a choice of 2 heads, both bird claw and human leg parts, lightening bolt with hands, face-up for 1 head, body and parts blushing, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Options include a face-up for the 2nd head and a choice of lightening bolt color.

Kid Delf Bory Zeus may be ordered until 1:00 PM July 3rd (Korean Time). At this time, Luts is holding their Summer Event. More information on the event may be found HERE..