Little Devils Rory and Rey

A teaser for the first summer limited dolls, Little Devils Rory and Rei is now posted at Dear Mine. The company has posted additional information on their summer releases. In addition, starting June 13th, a few small free gifts will be included with purchases, a paper-doll activity set (with any purchase) and an emblem set (with all doll purchases).

From the company:

We’re going to introduce many new faces in June!
Rey who look so similar (just like twin) to Roy came out as new face of Dear Pet.
Also, finally, a Boy VINCENT came out for Dear Shine line!! What kind of face would this big boy has?
Lastly, you might already know about it through spoilers :), Dear Classic DAVINCI came out.
Davinci seems frail than Picasso, but don’t forget that Davinci is big senior of Picasso and genius geek~.

Dearmine prepared them with joyful mind, so pleas look forward to them :).

Release date : Jun. 13th(Fri.), 2014. 6 P.M.(Korean time)

DC Special 「DAVINCI~Genius ~」 – 50 limited dolls (New head)
DP Special 「ROY~Little Devils ~」 – 30 limited dolls
「REY~Little Devils ~」 – 30 limited dolls (New head)
DL Special 「DUNE cool ver. grey skin~Russian Blue ~」 – 50 limited dolls (New head)

DL Basic 「DUNE basic make-up renewal」

DS Boy head 「VINCENT」- Released during the limited Period only Jun. 13th(Fri.) ~ Aug. 29th(Fri.) (New head)


rory rei

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