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Peak’s Woods is one of the oldest extant Korean BJD companies.  They have been producing dolls with their signature look for over a decade, acquiring many dedicated fans and attracting new ones every year.


Q: How many years has Peak’s Woods been open?

A: We opened Peak’s Woods in 2003. So it has been 12 years now.

Q: Where did the name Peak’s Woods come from?

A: From the sculptor and C.E.O. of Peak’s Woods, KyungMin Lee. Her nickname is “Peak”.

She wanted to give people the image that Peak’s Woods is a fantastic make-believe place where her (Peak’s) fairies are playing and dancing, and everyone can have their dolly-dreams come true. That is why our logo says, “Peak’s Woods, the place for your fantasy”.

viyol_detail_image-02Q: How did KyungMin decide to be a doll sculptor?

A: As soon as she saw some pictures of BJDs, she fell in love with them, and she just knew that this is what she is supposed to do.

Q: What was the first doll that Peak’s Woods released?

A:It was Fairies of Colors Viyol (58cm), the Fairy of Violet.

Q:What inspires KyungMin?

A: KyungMin has always been fond of making things out of anything, She majored in sculpture and woodcraft in college.

When I asked this question, she said that she is inspired by everything such as what she sees, listens, and feels in her daily life, but I personally think she looks really happy in a museum or galleries.

Q: Who paints the lovely face-ups for your dolls?

A: KyungMin used to do most of the face-ups before, but nowadays we have two other artists and KyungMin

Q: How did the Monthly Fairies come about?

A: KyungMin loves nature, and you can say the nature gave her the inspiration. She wanted to relate nature with the human, and she thought this concept (Monthly Fairy) could represent each month and each nature, so people can think of nature and celebrate their beloved one’s (including oneself) birth.

It was a long term project which took 12 months for our 10th anniversary.

Q: Were the Monthly Fairies originally planned to only be figures, or were you planning to release them as ball jointed dolls from the beginning?

woodyA: They were originally planned to be ball jointed dolls, and there will be more of them, not as monthly fairies, but they will share same body with different heads and concepts.

Q: Can you tell me more about the clothes you sell for your dolls and especially the fashions for limited edition full-sets?

A: We have our own designer who designs for only our babies, and they usually go as limited edition full-sets. We have other clothes from Nine9 Style for casual style and Sadol clothes for a more formal style in stock. We also use Dollheart clothes from time to time for promotion pictures or one-off dolls.

Q: You recently released your first FOC line boy. Why did you decide to add a male line at this time?

A: Yes, now we have the FoC Dandy line, which is FoC boys.

KyungMin thought one of the FoC heads could be used as boy and as a girl in the first place. That is why some of our FoC girls have boyish looks, especially Segi. He was made in 2004, and at that time we announced that it was close to a boy head even though he would be available as a girl first.

It is sad that he’s been with no boy body for 10 years.

Anyways some FoC girls including future FoC girls we will turn into boys with or without a little modification, and their names will start with ‘Dandy’ such as our new Dandy Tristan and Dandy Bella the Moon. Of course there will be new boys for only FoC Dandy line like Cosmo this time.

Q: Will the girl doll heads fit the Dandy body?

segi 300A: We’re afraid not. The size of the neck opening is different. The size of the girl’s is 8cm and it’s 9.5-10 for the boy’s.

Q: Can you tell me a little about any future doll releases?

A: It is not 100% certain since we always have many options in mind just in case, however we are planning and preparing new fairy-theme FoF babies and limited edition FoC dolls for our Summer Event.

Q: How do you go about planning new dolls? What is the normal doll design process? Once you settle on a doll release, how long does it take from start to final release?

A: We normally try to fit within a season, though basically we release what we feel like doing. KyungMin doesn’t even draw a sketch, she says she just follows her heart and hands. It really depends on each situation, though it normally takes at least 4 to 6 months, so you can say that we do several projects at the same time.

A: What doll shows have you been attending and are planning to attend? What do you like about doll shows?

We’ve been to kind of many doll shows so far. Dollism Plus(HK), GoGaDoll(San Franciso), LDoll(Lion), Doll North(Toroto), Smash(Sydney), KBJD SHOW(LA), DollFete(Bangkok), Dolltopia(Bangkok).

The best things about doll shows are they are fun and exciting. It is like a party to us! We meet wonderful people, and talk with them, sharing thoughts and laughter. We’ve made best friends during these trips, and at KBJD SHOW this year, everyone shared tears for the ferry accident that happened in Korea last month. It was a deeply moving experience.

We will attend Dollism New York (September), Dollism HongKong (July), and probably Dollyparadise (November) in Beijing.

Q: Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would like to include?

A: Well…we are very grateful and satisfied. Thank you very much for your time and help~~~!!!


Photos above from top: First doll Fairy of Color Viyol, the Fairy of Violet, Monthly doll Woody, Limited edition of 1st Dandy boy Segi.

Peak’s Woods dolls may be purchased from the company and through their authorized retailers.


New Dandy boys:






A few of the many limited edition 1/3 dolls released, including Fairies of Color (with Lolita body)  and Absolute Beauty (with Femme Body):

Bella the Moon - Into the Woods

AB Bella the Moon – Into the Woods

LE Elf Tristan

FoC LE Elf Tristan

LE Elf Tristan in grey resin

FoC LE Elf Tristan in grey resin

The Queen of Hearts Rogita

AB The Queen of Hearts Rogita

The White Queen Kisha

AB The White Queen Kisha

Two Sisters: Lottie and Wake-up Lottie

FoC Two Sisters: Lottie and Wake-up Lottie

FoC The Glamour - Briana

FoC The Glamour – Briana


1/4 Fairies of Bugs:

Honey Princess_Tanned Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf

Honey Princess_Tanned Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf

Mia De Butterfly

Mia De Butterfly




1/6 Fairy of Fairy Tales

(From left) Sir Tin, Dorothy, Mr. Hollow and Leo

(From left) Sir Tin, Dorothy, Mr. Hollow and Leo

FOF Hucky V. H. and O. W. Halloween dolls

FOF Hucky V. H. and O. W. Halloween dolls

Rabbit Goon in Wickedland

Rabbit Goon in Wickedland


Monthly dolls:

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 6.49.28 AM