Children’s Day Event

Miro Doll is holding a 3 day event to celebrate Children’s day.

From the company:

By and large, when we are a small child, we want to grow up. But when we really grow up, we want to go back to childhood. Childhood memory is the best memory, childhood time is the best time. Although many of us are not at a child’s age anymore, with time passing, some of us are even not young, and will grow old, but we should always keep a child’s innocent and pure, and happy, it is the most valuable nature of human. Isn’t it?

We offer some dolls at special price to celebrate June 1 International Children’s day. The June 1 Specials will be up from June 1 to June 3.

We sincerely hope all the children around the world have a peaceful, healthy and happy Childhood. Happy holiday to all the Children!